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[somewhat nsfw blog for a swapped-around mobius. don't be shy! :3 all art used is mine~!]

Knuckles, Hero of Mobius

Let me guess, you need someone to help you get your cat from a tree, or fight off some bullies that are bothering you, or something else stupid. Yeah, I get that a lot. Look, I've got a lot of things to do, okay, buddy? Being a hero isn't an easy job. I can only smash so many faces in at a time, and I have more important things to worry about than your little fickle daily problems. I've got Eggman to take care of, along with all his little robots he's constantly pestering me with.

...Don't give me that look, now! I've got to do what I can to protect everyone after all! Er, how about I just give you an autograph instead? Then you can go tell all your friends that you just met Knuckles the Hedgehog, hard-hitting hero of Mobius!


Hey guys!

I want to start by saying that I’m sorry for taking so long in getting this message out. I’ve been gone a long while and thinking a whole lot during the time- I’ve been very conflicted, you see. Many of you already know, as I’ve spoken to a few individuals, but now I want everyone to be aware that, long story short, I don’t have any plans to return to my current Tumblr blogs.

I feel pretty terrible for it because I hate letting down all you guys. I have so many good friends I don’t want to lose! But just the idea of jumping back into things now stresses me beyond belief, and I find it hard to fit back into my muses. That said, I doubt I’ll be able to avoid coming back to the Sonic fandom forever. I don’t know when, but I do want to, I really want to, and SOON-  chances are good that I will. But I also want to start entirely fresh if I do.

No doubt some of you are going to be ticked off and I understand completely! This was entirely out of nowhere and I agree. I just kind of burned out, between the start of Senior year, getting ready for life after high school, and a bunch of other IRL nonsense that just wore me out. But I hope that if- or more importantly, when I return to rp with you guys, I can have as much of a blast as I’ve had up to this point. You all have been so great and I adore each and every one of you!

I’m not going to delete my blogs because sometimes it’s nice to look back on stuff. If you want to contact me at all- feel free to skype me [nenowat]. I don’t want to lose touch.  ;v;  Like I said above chances are I’ll try to join back into the fandom with something new when I can— I hope it’ll be soon!

So, that all said, all I have left is, until next time, friends!

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Ain’t that right Breaky?

-punched to moon-

ludolik replied to your post: ludolik replied to your post:

H-hey ! I’m serious, don’t judge somebody by hissize. I could probably get a few hits on you if i wanted !

"Yeah, ones equivalent to a fly.

And I’m not judging you by your size. I’m no basketball superstar myself. I’m judging you by your species and your age.”

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Mh.. Well, pratice sound like a good option. Why not pratice with me ? I’m gonna help you to get back into the groove of smash smash things !

That did make Knuckles laugh.

"Kid, I’d knock that head of yours right off your shoulders. No thanks. I’ll find something to do eventually."

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Don’t ask for trouble. It’s always nice to have a break sometime. And hey, you can always do some sports or pratice with some of your friends.

"I exist for trouble. I’ve had a long enough break, I assure you.

..And anyway, I’m not really a fan of sports.”

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If you say so. But this doesn’t really matter, if you are feeling fit and well in your body that what matter. Have you gone around to kick some robots yet ?

Was he feeling fit? Well enough, at least. He placed his hands on his sides, scowl fading to a mild frown at the child. “..No,” he said slowly, “I haven’t gotten the chance yet. I don’t run into trouble often anymore, honestly.. Which is probably a good thing, I suppose. But it sure is boring.”

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"And pass up the chance to paint the town red? Surely, you must be joking." Ray still kept his smirk. He honestly didn’t care at this point what happened to him. His job had been finished, at least for the present moment. "I’d rather just lie here. Why stop the bleeding? I think I look good in red." His eyes closed momentarily. "But I certainly don’t pull it off as well as you do."


Was the squirrel getting rather delusional? Well, either way, Knuckles couldn’t have left him here to die if he’d wanted to. He ran his hand through his spines as he crouched down, reaching out to gently examine the other’s tail. Golden fur stained with red, and definitely still bleeding. He didn’t have any bandages on him, but he knew where he could find some. Violet eyes trailed back up to meet azure and, frowning, he asked, “..Do you think that you will be okay being warped to another zone?”

The second option would be to make a quick run himself, and leave the squirrel here.. but he wasn’t sure how much he trusted that idea. The other didn’t seem very eager to get better.

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 ludolik said: I can see you doing that to be honest, and it’s not like you showing any difference. You sure you did work out?

"Yes, I’m sure I worked out."

Knuckles wasn’t too much of the self conscious type- not about his gut, at least, of all things- but he was starting to feel the slightest bit uncomfortable. He hugged his stomach and scowled at the boy. “You just can’t tell because.. because all the fat turned into muscle. Yeah. It looks the same. So lay off.”

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Apparently he’s working for the government that wants my hide.

"I can sympathize.

Well, if there’s anything I can do, I guess it’s my job to do.. something.”

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I got shot by an alternate.

"How do I miss so much action?

What did you do to piss him off so badly?”

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